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MDPEP or Methylenedioxy-PV8 is a new designer drug, Cathinone, an analogue of MDPHP, and has a similar effect. MDPEP causes a surge of energy, increases efficiency, increases sexual desire, causes euphoria. MDPEP is similar in action to A-pvp and MDPHP….

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a-PCYP is a designer drug of the cathinone class, developed as a replacement for a-PVP and has a similar effect on the body in chemical studies in rodents. Recent studies have shown that a series of analog derivatives of alpha-substituted…


MFPVP is a new designer stimulant that has much in common with a-pvp and is designed as a substitute for similar effects. MFPVP or UPAC 1- (4-fluoro-3-methylphenyl) -2- (pyrrolidin-1-yl) pentan-1-one has a lagal legal status in many EU countries. MFPVP…