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Buy 4-FMA (4-Fluoromethamphetamine)

4-FMA or 4-Fluoromethamphetamine (N-ethyl-1- (4-fluorophenyl) propan-2-amine) is a new chemical stimulant derivative of phenethylamine. 4-FMA belongs to the class of phenethylamine and amphetamine. You can buy 4-FMA of excellent quality and maximum purity on our website. Synonyms 4-FMA 4-Fluoromethamphetamine IUPAC…

Buy 3-MMA (3-Methyl-Methamphetamine)

3-Methyl-Methamphetamine (3-MMA) is a synthetic amphetamine group designed to be analogous to 4-FMA and methamphetamine and has a similar molecular structure. 3-MMA (3-Methyl-Methamphetamine) is based on phenylethylamine and produces all the effects similar to methamphetamine. Synonyms 3-MMA 3-Methyl-Methamphetamine IUPAC Formula…