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3C-E is a new psychedelic compound similar to the drugs mescaline, proscaline, and amphetamine. Synonyms 3C-P IUPAC 1-(3,5-Dimethoxy-4-propoxyphenyl)propan-2-amine Formula C14H23NO3 Molecular weight 253.342 g/mol CAS 501700-11-4 Appearance Powder Purity ≥ 99% 3C-P and other chemicals sold on this website are…

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3C-E is a psychedelic of the amphetamine class. This compound is the amphetamine analog of escaline. Synonyms 3C-E IUPAC 1-(4-Ethoxy-3,5-dimethoxyphenyl)propan-2-amine Formula C13H21NO3 Molecular weight 239.315 g/mol CAS 146849-92-5 Appearance Powder Purity ≥ 99% 3C-E and other chemicals sold on this…